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Welcome to Dragons for Breakfast

Who are we?

Dragons for Breakfast consists of a loose group of Artists, budding Artists, and wannabe Artists, with a common enthusiasm for sculpting clay and DRAGONS.  As you will see from our gallery we have a variety of styles and sizes.  Some of our members are professional and very accomplished, whilst others are enthusiastic and intuitive, but we feel that all our Dragons have a certain charm.

If you don't see what you you want at first, please let us know and we will do our best to gratify your desires.

Why Dragons?

Well.... what other legend has stories from every culture in the world?  From the Bunyip of Australia to the Wewilmekq of Maine USA, via the Mokele-Mbembe of the Congo, the many European Dragons, and of course the beautiful and friendly Dragons of South-East Asia,  to name but a few.

These creatures have many characteristics in common, but precise descriptions are hard to come by, giving wonderful scope to the sculpture.  How can you sculpt a "wrong" Dragon?

Why "for Breakfast"?

We enjoy making the Dragons and hope they will give you pleasure, but more importantly we donate the money to Let the Children Live, which houses and feeds street children in Columbia, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Why are we doing it?

Although the Colombians are in general, a kind and generous people, crime related to Cocaine traffic has made cities such as Medellin amongst the most violent in the world. 

In the poverty and squalor of the shanty towns families tend to disintegrate, and many children find themselves alone on the streets.  They are called the Gamunes (the disposable ones), children who live and often die on the streets and rubbish dumps of the cities.  They range from six years upwards and are unloved, unwanted, beaten, robbed, raped, abused, abandoned, and murdered.

In 1982 Father Peter Walters discovered what life was like to be the children when he was stranded on the streets of Bogotá, and they helped him and took him in.  When he went to the Bishop to demand help for these children, the Bishop's answer was to suggest he - Father Peter, should do something, and so he has been there ever since.  With this in view he founded Let the Children Live (UK Registered Charity 1013634), which aims to safeguard the lives of children from the violence and poverty of the streets, and to make their lives worth living by giving them a safe haven, with love, education, and a future.

We hope to help Father Peter in his work by making and selling Dragons and other ceramics to help finance his projects.  Of every Dragon sold we retain a small percentage to pay for Clay, Glaze, firing costs, etc. and all the remaining money is donated directly to Let the Children Live.

How much goes to the children?

We aim only to cover our costs - clay, Glaze, firing, etc.  90% of what you pay for a Dragon will go directly to Let the Children Live.


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